You Truly Assumed

What up book people? Time for another Black book rec in under a minute. Quick reminder - all my social media platforms are available in my bio. I pin all the books from this series on Pinterest so follow me there to create a reading list. Today’s book is one that was in the April DiversaTea Reads book box. It’s You Truly Assumed by Laila

You Truly Assumed Black Book of the Day

Y’all already know that I love to amplify books that represent diverse stories. And this book has intersectionality so it was clearly going to give me exactly what I needed it to give so let’s get into it.

This book has some content warnings so please check StoryGraph for the triggers. The book follows three teens living in the DMV, Cali and GA. A terrorist attack happens in DC and the person is assumed to be Muslim. One of the teens, who lives in the DMV, starts a blog called You Truly Assumed where she shares her experiences of being Black and Muslim and dealing with both racism and Is lam o phobia. The blog takes off and she asks for volunteers to help her run it. She meets the other two teens who also share their stories of being both Black and Muslim. The book is a multiple POV so you really get to know all three of them and see the world through each of their eyes.

I loved each of their voices and learning about their individual conflicts and struggles. I mostly loved the representation of a group that is often ignored in literature. This book was everything for me so I recommend you pick it up and read it.

You’re welcome.

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