You Got Anything Stronger

You Got Anything Stronger

What up book people? It’s Monday so you know that means - Monday memoir. And technically this isn’t really a memoir. But since this author’s first book was the first memoir I ever read, Imma include her new one. This book is more self-help than memoir. But it is written in a way that doesn’t feel like it. It’s You Got Anything Stronger by Gabrielle Union.

Now that I have read two of her books about her life, Imma call her Gab cuz we are friends now. And since my brother-in-law is mentioned in We’re Gonna Need More Wine, her first book, we’re basically family.

Anyway Gab tells us stories about different moments in her life over the past few years as a wife, mother, actress and friend. The majority of the book is true to Gab’s hilarious personality, but the most intriguingand emotional parts are those that happen during motherhood. She talks about the path of surrogacy with, Kaavia James, IG’s favorite shady baby, and what it means to offer unconditional love during Zaya’s journey of finding herself. Each story is paralleled with advice and ends with a few words of wisdom.

While her first book was more autobiographical, thisone gives us a more RAW unfiltered adult Gab - flaws and all. I loved everything about this book. I don’t even drink but I swear I felt like I was curled up on a couch hanging with one of my girlfriends. Do yourself a favor and get both of her books. You will laugh and you will cry but you’ll also learn something. Memoirs hit better on audio when they’re author narrated. So grab the audiobooks.

You’re welcome.

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