While Justice Sleeps

While Justice Sleeps Black Book of the Day

What up book people? So some of y’all finta be shooketh when I tell y’all about today’s book cuz I bet y’all didn’t know this person was an author of fiction books. It’s While Justice Sleeps by wait for it…..

Stacey Abrams.

In all the Blackety Black Black book groups on the book of faces errbody been talking about “Did y’all know Stacey Abrams writes romance under the pen name Selena Montgomery?” Now romance isn’t really my jam. But then I found out she dropped a legal thriller and I had to read it.

So what had happened was the Supreme Court Justice is all sick and stuff and ends up in a coma. But while he’s catching some zzz’s, he has his clerk on this crazy scavenger hunt trying to solve this mystery corruption. But he had to do it in a way that only she should be the one to figure it out. So basically the book is the corruption and this mystery that has to be solved.

But one thing I realized is Georgia’s next governor is hella smart. Cuz the knowledge in this book is insane. She wrote some wild ish about the gubmint and the President that had me like WHATTT????

Anyway get the book and push through the first few chapters cuz they are kinda slow. Things get very intriguing and interesting and you won’t wanna put it down. Trust me. It’s worth reading.

You’re welcome.

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