When You Look Like Us

When You Look Like Us Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Y’all know how the marketing of some books will say something about a book being for fans of some XYZ author? Well, if I see that and it’s an author I like, it’s almost always an auto-buy for me. And that’s what happened with today’s book. It’s When You Look Like Us by Pamela N. Harris.

Everything the publisher posted about this one compared it to Tiffany D. Jackson. Then I looked it up and saw this dope af cover with a Black teenager. So yea take all my money ma’am cuz I added this to my cart immediately. Before I begin, make sure you check StoryGraph for the triggers because this book definitely has some.

So Jay is a high school student living with his grandmother and his sister Nic. His sister goes missing and not surprisingly, the police aren’t giving it the attention it deserves. They act like if you have brown skin that whatever trouble comes your way, you probably deserved it. So it is up to Jay to find Nic.

This book was a page turner. I could not put it down. It was definitely giving Monday’s Not Coming and mystery thriller energy. Iloved being able to follow the journey of this Black teen boy. I highly recommend you grab this one tuh-day. Read it and lemme know your thoughts.

You’re welcome.

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