This Poison Heart

What up book people? Today I have one that is the first book of a Young Adult fantasy duology that all my people in the Black Bookstagram and Black BookTok world are talking about cuz we are always here for Black girls with dope af magic. It’s This Poison Heart by Kaylnn Bayron.

Alright so boom. Bri is chillin living with her parents when her aunt passes away. The aunt leaves Bri this huge estate out in the sticks that somebody needs to put on flip this house cuz baybee the house is falling apart. But the house sits on a bunch of land so Bri and the ‘rents THINK this will be a good place for Bri to learn to control her gift. She takes green thumb to a whole nutha level. With just a touch she can take seeds from a plant and grow them to beautiful flowers. So imagine what she can do out here. But the thing is the that the house comes with some instructions and some major secrets.

It took a second for me to get into this book but once I did, I could not put it down. When I got to the end, it left me wanting more. I have to read This Wicked Fate (book 2 of the series) ASAP. Who I gotta call to get a finished copy cuz it doesn’t come out until June 21st. And seeing that it’ss two days before my birthday, I think they should just go on ahead and hook a sister up early.

Anyway, y’all I loved this book and I think you should mos def scoop this one up.

You’re welcome.

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