This Close To Okay

This Close To Okay Black Book of the Day

My name is Casey R. Kelley and every day I recommend books in all genres by Black authors in this series I call “Black Book of the Day”. Here I quickly give you the rundown of a book I have read to help you increase the melanin on your reading list. So time for today’s book. It’s This Close to Okay by Leesa Cross-Smith.

Before I start, this book and my summary discuss suicide so please proceed with caution. Check StoryGraph for a detailed list of content warnings. May is Mental Health Awareness month and this book beautifully illustrates the struggles of a person battling depression.

Tallie is on her way home in Louisiville on a rainy Friday night when she sees a man standing on the bridge looking like he is ready to jump. As a therapist, she is compelled to stop to talk to him. She convinces him to go get coffee with her so they can talk more. While speaking with him she becomes more concerned for his safety. She invites him to stay at her place for the weekend to give him a safe space. The bulk of the book is over the course of three days and alternates between both of their POVs.

This is a heavy but extremely necessary story.

This book hit home for me and felt deeply personal. If you follow my  bookstagram account (IG), you know that I am very transparent about my battle with chronic depression and how therapy saves me. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day for anyone in suicide crisis or emotional distress. Please call to get resources for yourself or a loved one you may be worried about.

You’re welcome

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