The Violin Conspiracy

The Violin Conspiracy Black Book of the Day

What up book people? I was focusing on women authors in the month of March so now that it’s April, I can get into a book that I have been waiting to discuss. It’s The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb.

Y’all I saw this in the bookstore and saw the face peeking through the violin and I absolutely had to get it. I ain’t read the synopsis so yeah I definitely judged the book by the cover. 

So boom Ray grows up in the sticks of North Carolina. He finds his grandfather’s dusty old violin and starts using it. Turns out, he plays well enough to go to college classically trained. Bruh is like the Jordan’s of violinists. While he’s blowing up, he finds out that his violin is crazy valuable. So everybody finds out and you already know what happens next. All the people that ain’t wanna have anything to do with him or the violin suddenly are interested. Between his raggedy mama and her siblings plus the descendants of the man that owned Ray’s ancestors, they are all trying to get the violin. Ray should have been like “consider this my forty acres and mule”.

Anyway, the violin gets stolen with a ransom note of 5 million dollars and any of them could have done it. Aside from the obvious Black excellence in this book, it takes you on a crazy ride trying to figure out whodunnit.

I read this in a day. It was that good. Definitely scoop it up.

You’re welcome.

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