The Sword And The Shield

The Sword and the Shield Black Book of the Day

It’s May 19th and I am holding a book on what would have been the 97th birthday of one of the most powerfulleaders we have had while standing at the motel where lost arguably the most recognized and celebrated Black leader ever. Today’s book honors both these of men. It’s The Sword And The Shield by Peniel E. Joseph.

I saw this book a couple of years ago and purchased it for my husband. He is passionate about African American history and reading about those that lead the change during the Civil Rights Movement.

I am here in Memphis for business for a few days and I chose this book for today because  I knew it would be Malcolm X’s birthday & that I could do a post here at the place that honors Dr. King. It is ironic that this moment simultaneously pays respect to one’s birth and the other’s death with a biographical book that reflects on how the world viewed them as opposites when in fact they had similarities. While most people often talk about their contrasting views (self-defense vs nonviolence; black power vs civil rights), this revisionist biography reflects on how they pushed and inspired each other despite being from different backgrounds. It not only them looks at them, but also the Civil Rights Movement and the era that defined them.

Now we already know I don’t read nonfiction, but since I know I have followers that like the genre here is a book you may not of heard of that you can read.

You’re welcome

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