The Rib King

The Rib King Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Time for another Black book rec in under a minute. Make sure you click the link in my bio to follow me (@iamcaseyrkelley) on all social media platforms. On my personal IG,  I post most of the books I read beyond just the Black and diverse authors. Cuz yes I do read a few white authors too. Anyway, back to today’s book. It’s The Rib King by Ladee Hubbard.

So boom. August works for the Barclays, a rich white family in the early 1900s.  Errbody that works there is black including Miss Mamie, the cook. Now you already know Miss Mamie did her thing in the kitchen. Sis even had a homemade bbq sauce. The Barclays end up losing their money so this business associate of Mr. Barclay offers to buy and package Miss Mamie’s bbq sauce. And he was like Imma use August’s face on the bottle and call it The Rib King. All I’m hearing is Frank Brown of Uncle Ben’s and Nancy Green of Aunt Jemima. Cuz just like them, August and Miss Mamie didn’t see a dime despite the success of the sauce. I mean raise your hand if you are surprised.

Although the book is historical fiction, it has a little suspense to it because it is about August’s reckoning with his rage for the way they were exploited. I love when a book makes me feel a variety of emotions and that’s what I got with this one. You will feel some type of way reading this one so head over to my Pinterest and pin this one to your reading list board.

There are a few triggers so please check StoryGraph for warnings.

You’re welcome.

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