The Redemption of Bobby Love

The Redemption of Bobby Love Black Book of the Day

What up book people? It’s Monday so let’s do a Monday Memoir. Today I have The Redemption of Bobby Love by Bobby and Cheryl Love. Now if you follow me on Bookstagram, you know I don’t really rock with nonfiction fuh real fuh real. But baby I live for a good memoir. So let’s get into this one.

Cheryl was married to Bobby Love for about 38 years chilling in Brooklyn when the po-po knocked on the door with the FBI looking for husband talmbout what’s your name. The hubs was like “Bobby Love”. And they were like “Nah son. What’s your REAL name?” Bruh knew exactly what time it was. But Cheryl was like “I’m confused. Why would ya’ll want him? You know he’s like the pillar the of community taking neighborhood kids to Disney and being everyone’s favorite mentor.” Y’all turns out Ol’ Bobby had a past he forgot to mention. Bobby was sentenced to 30 years in prison right before they met. He jumped off a bus in North Carolina, named himself Bobby Love and hightailed it to New York. I know bruh was pissed about the whole statute of limitations thing.

But honey this book gives a whole new meaning of what it means to stand by your man. It an amazing story of love, faith, and of course, redemption. Scoop it up.

You’re welcome.

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