The Prophets

The Prophets Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Time for another Black book rec. Today’s book was one of my top 10 of 152 books for 2021. It’s The Prophets by Robert Jones, Jr.

Before I start make sure you check StoryGraph for content warnings. This book has quite a few topics that can be very triggering for some, like homophobia and racism

The book follows two enslaved young men, Isaiah and Samuel. They were happy and in love minding their own business. But of course the people have a problem with it cuz ya know homophobia. The book is told from the POV of the different people directly and indirectly impacted by their relationship.

So y’all I am a story person. You won’t typically hear me talking about the structure of a book or about the author’s prose. But the way this book was written completely blew my mind. The book is told from multiple POVs. Basically every chapter was a different person. Each chapter literally picked up where the previous one left off but with a different POV. It was so intriguing and speaks to RJJ’s talent.

This book made me cry like full on blow my nose swollen eyes kinda cry. So make sure you have tissue with this one. If you’ve read it, lemme know what you thought of it.

You’re welcome.

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