The Perfect Ruin

The Perfect Ruin Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Y’all I love me a good psych thriller. And because this genre is my absolute favorite, I’m VERY picky about the characteristics in the book that qualify it as a psych thriller. There aren’t a lot of Black authors that write in the space and do the genre justice. So I am always hyped when I find a new Black author to try which brings me to today’s book. It’s The Perfect Ruin by Shanora Williams.

So the book follows Ivy in Miami. When she was a kid, she lost everything because of a horrible accident. She finds out that Lola Maxwell is the one responsible. Lola is ballin and only hangs with people that are also ballin. It’s giving Real Housewives of Miami.

So Ivy decides to infiltrate Lola’s social circle and basically turns everyone against each other but more importantly against Lola. See this is why we say no new friends. Anyway the book is a story of revenge and how fragile friendships are.

I wasn’t a fan of the twist in this book and psych thrillers are known for their twists. I felt like this one came from left field. All in all its a good book but like I said, I’m hella picky with this genre. Check this one out and let me know your thoughts.

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