The Legacy of Orisha Trilogy

The Legacy of Orisha Black Book of the Day

What up book people? What y’all think about a Fantasy Friday recap? Today I’m talking about The Legacy of the Orisha Trilogy by Tomi Adeyemi. Now so far we have received the first two books: Children of Blood and Bone and Children of Virtue and Vengenance. Y’all last week Tomi posted that she submitted the final installment of the trilogy and I’m like GOOD because we’ve been waiting. It was giving “Rihanna, where’s the album?” vibes. Anyway about the series

The story takes place in Orisha. It’s kinda West African. Some of the people that live there have rich dark skin, unique hair and are called maji because they have insanely dope powers. But the king decides to get rid of the magic and kills all the maji in order to gain control to oppress a group of people. We follow the journey of Zelie to bring the magic back and shift the power. Basically she wants to get rid of the king. Now her mom was one of the maji killed so she ain’t taking any mess and is ready to wreck some ish. Did someone say Black Girl Magic? And did.

These books are so dope that they were optioned for movies before they were even published and I for one am dying to see the Black girl save the world. But since we are still waiting for book three, ion know if she succeeds - and I’ve been waiting for three years.

Y’all trust me and scoop both of these up. You will not put them down.

You’re welcome.

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