The Awkward Black Man

The Awkward Black Man Black Book of the Day

What up book people?

My name is Casey R Kelley and I am here to help you add more melanin to your reading list by giving you a quick review of books I have read by Black authors. For more books, follow me on all social platforms @iamcaseyrkelley. Definitely follow on Pinterest so you can pin the books into a reading list.

Now for today’s book.

It’s The Awkward Black Man by Walter Mosley

Most of us know Walter Mosley because he gave us the Easy Rawlings series which includes Devil in a Blue Dress starring everybody’s fav actor, Denzel, in the movie adaptation. I assumed this would be a collection of short mysteries but it wasn’t. This book is very different from what we normally see from Mosley and it was a surprisingly interesting change. It is a collection of 17 short stories featuring imperfect, socially awkward, flawed and strange black men. He gave space for the blerd to be seen through these stories.

These characters, especially a Black guy, aren’t often talked about in books and definitely not the lead in the story. The book deals with obesity, loneliness, the desire to be accepted and more. We see the guy that isn’t the cool guy in normal spaces.

While I love his mysteries, I would definitely enjoy reading more like this from him in the contemporary space. Scoop it up and lemme know what you think.


You’re welcome

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