State of Emergency

What up book people?

So y’all already know I don’t read nonfiction for real for real. So if I say a nonfiction book is good, you might as well just make it an auto-buy and click add to cart. Cuz honey it had to be good for me to read it AND recommend it. Which brings me to today’s book. It’s State of Emergency by Tamika D. Mallory.

Now look before we get into this book, check out Tamika Mallory’s State of Emergency speech. And then come back. Cause baybee if that speech doesn’t get you fired up and ready to learn how to fight for change, ion know what will.

So following that call to action, Tamika comes to us with the tools to win in the country we built. She talks about her lifelong dedication to activism. And takes a deep look at America’s history of undelivered promises. I listened to the audiobook of this one and it felt like a conversation and a blueprint from one the most brilliant leaders of our time. Tamika is giving us keys and dropping gems in this important work that everyone involved in the fight for equality and equity should read. Basically, you’re not really woke if you don’t own a copy of this book.

I can’t celebrate this book enough. And since the paperback drops today you need to go on and scoop it up asap.

You’re welcome.

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