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Stamped The Collection Black Book of the Day

What up book people? So today I’m going to give you some nonfiction. Let’s talk about the Stamped by Ibram X. Kendi collection and the importance of having these in your library. So I done told y’all if a book is banned, Imma buy it, post it, promote it every single time. So here we are.

Now y’all remember during the confirmation hearings when Antiracist Baby, also by Dr. Kendi, was misinterpreted by someone that clearly could not read a children’s book. So that’s teh picture book that’s part of the Stamped family. Now you know if ol’ boy is mad about a picture book and confused about what’s actually in it, then he’s all but having nightmares about the other three versions: Stamped from the Beginning (for adults), Stamped Remix (the YA version for teens) and Stamped Kids (for the kiddos).

The foundation of the books are all about the history of racism in this country. But the books for teens and kids, co-written by the hella dope Jason Reynolds, really speak to how not to be racist. Now of course they have been banned these books because teaching how not to be racist is bad? Make it make sense.

Anyway, of all the books I talk about in this series the banned ones are the most important. Get them. Memorize them. And teach them - starting with the four of these.

You’re welcome.

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