Ophie’s Ghosts

Ophie’s Ghosts Black Book of the Day

What up book people? I get a lot of comments with requests for books for preteens and teens so let’s get into a middle grade book. Since it’s a middle grade book, it is written for students in grades 5th through 7th. But trust me, even adults will love this one. It’s Ophie’s Ghosts by Justina Ireland.

Pause: make sure you read this author’s Young Adult duology, Dread Nation, cuz those are some good books.

Anyway, this one is a historical fiction set in the 1920s. Now before I continue, while there are a couple of trigger warnings (parental death and racism), both are written in a way that can foster great conversations with your preteen.

So boom. After losing her father in Georgia, Ophie moves to Pittsburgh with her mom. Now Ophie and Mom Dukes start working as maids at this house where some rich wypipo live. The house is hella old so not only does Ophie have to deal with the crazy racists that live there, but the ghosts that she can see as well. And some of them are a lil cray-cray. But there’s this one that is pretty young that she becomes close to. The story follows their friendship and what the ghost needs from Ophie to be at peace.

This book is so well written and engaging that my almost 50 year old behind enjoyed every bit of it. This is a great book to recommend to the preteen in your life. I say read it with them because you will both love it and it’s a bonding opportunity.

You’re welcome.

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