Memphis Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Make sure you are following me @iamcaseyrkelley on all platforms. If you follow me on Pinterest you can pin the books I talk about here to create a reading list. It’s my last day in Memphis as part of FedEx’s entrepreneur advisory board and it has been amazing. So it is only right that my last book of the trip be the one I’ve been reading since being here. It’s Memphis by Tara Stringfellow.

Now FedEx has had us booked busy and eating well. So I didn’t have as much time for either of the two books I’ve been reading since being here (the other one is an ARC of Monarch Rising by Harper Glenn, and honey that may be the YA book of the year). Anyway, I haven’t finished this book but here’s what it is about so far.

The book is told over seven decades following four women in a Memphis family. We start with the POV of a young Joan as she, her mom and sister leave the violence of her dad. While the story primarily centers around Joan, we really understand the lineage of the family through the multi-POV of Joan, her mother Miriam, her aunt August and her grandmother Hazel. This gives us perspective of the history of these women which leads Joan to learn more about the family’s secrets.

So far the book is giving exactly what it was supposed to give and I can’t wait to finish it. Lemme know if you have read this one or if it is on your TBR.

You’re welcome

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