Love Is A Revolution

Love Is A Revolution Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Time for another Black book rec in under a minute. OK y’all can I be real with you today? I mean we are basically family now at this point. So one of my closest friends called me and said that her 17 year old is reading a lot and loves romance but none of the characters have melanin. So today’s book is for my niece and all my virtual nieces and nephews. It’s Love Is A Revolution by Renee Watson.

The convo with my gurl about my niece is exactly why I started this series. I need teens to be able to see diverse characters that look like them and the people they know.

The story follows Nala who falls for Tye, an activist who spends all his time and energy volunteering for the community. Of course Nala assumes that Tye would want a girlfriend that is in to those kind of things. So Nala does the only logical thing for a teenager to do - she reinvents herself into a girl that is extra woke and hella pro-black. Chile the lies. Nala would rather watch movies and chill with her friends. Anything for love though right?

There were so many layers to Nala in this coming of age romance because not only is it about finding love, it is about Nala finding herself as she unravels her web of lies. I loved the character development in this book. But I also loved the fact that the main character is a plus size girl who is beautiful and the one that is winning. I know my niece will love this one.

This is the perfect book to add to the summer reading list. Head over to Pinterest and follow me there to create a list.  Be sure to add this one first.

You’re welcome.

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