KG A to Z


What up book people? It’s Monday so I wanted to give yall another Monday memoir. I don’t have a lot of memoirs so don’t think these will happen every week. Today I’ve got one for the sports fans. It’s KG A to Z by Kevin Garnett.

First, let me talk about how uniquely this memoir is structured. The book is subtitled “An Uncensored Encyclopedia of Life, Basketball, and Everything in Between.” And it really is written like an encyclopedia with topics discussed alphabetically instead of chronologically. He talks about everything from family and championships to spirituality and loss. He tells stories about his life in a way that is heartfelt and honest. There are moments of laughter and times of tears. He is raw in this book in a way that I don’t think we have ever seen from KG. He talks in detail about his friendship and the loss of someone very dear to me - my big brother and oldest son’s godfather, Malik Sealy.

This book reminds us that athletes are more than their respective sports. They go through highs and lows. They still deal with things like grief and racism despite their level of success. This book gives us the human behind the superstar and I am here for it. I highly recommend that you read this one. Basically if ESPN is an account you follow on social media, you need to order this ASAP.

You’re welcome.

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