I Have Always Been Me

I Have Always Been Me Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Time for another Black book rec. 

Today’s book is a Monday Memoir plus has LGBTQ representation for Pride Month. It’s I Have Always Been Me by Precious Brady-Davis.

After getting a recommendation from @colesbooknook on IG (who has the BEST LGBTQ recs), I chose this book as one of the selections for this past March’s DiversaTea Reads book box. The theme was Unstoppable and all five books had women that persevered through challenges.

Aight so Precious takes us on a journey of finding herself starting with her dysfunctional childhood where she dealt with neglect and abandonment plus the instability from moving between various relatives and foster homes. The majority of the memoir is about Precious’ work in trans advocacy including a trip down here to Jacksonville to speak to students here in the Duval.

This book was so incredibly interesting and absolutely necessary. It is important that we continue to have voices like this one in books so that not only the marginalized can see themselves represented but so that the rest of us can learn to become better allies. I highly recommend this book.

You’re welcome.

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