Forty Acres

Forty Acres Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Look y’all are not ready for the book I have for you tuhday! It’s Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith. I love me a good thriller and honey this one has sat with me for years. I read it in like 2015 and I‘m still processing it. A’ight let’s get into it.

Per yooj, there are no spoilers. So Martin is an attorney. He is doing pretty well. Translation: he’s ballin. But he wants to be part of this clique that’s like the crème de la crème of Black men. So they are like “a’ight come chill with us for a weekend.” Dude was hyped. He was like “Mama I made it.” They had some rules though. He couldn’t bring wifey and cells were off limits. It’s giving no flexin for the gram. But y’all get this. It’s successful men from all over the country. You know on some Talented Tenth Jack and Jill for dads kinda vibe.

Now listen to this. The place where they meet up is a plantation that they own called Forty Acres. Did I just say plantation? Yes I did. Come to find out they’re preserving the idea of slavery. But chile the Black people aren’t the slaves this time. They are the masters. I was like what???

This book needs to be a whole movie because baby I was shooketh. Trust me get this book. Like tuhday. You will not put this one down.

You’re welcome.

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