Confessions In B-Flat

Confessions in B-Flat Black Book of the Day

What up book people? I’m not going to hold you so let’s get right into today’s book. It’s Confessions in B-Flat by Donna Hill.

If you follow my IG account, you know I don’t post a lot of romance books but when I do it is definitely Black romance where the author and BOTH of the love interests are Blackety Black Black.

This one is a historical romance set in 1963. The story follows Jason who moved from Georgia to Harlem to help spread Dr. King’s message of nonviolence. There is a local lounge where everyone hangs out called B*Flat where he meets Anita who does poetry there. Sis is basically Team Malcolm X so I think this is an enemies to lovers trope but don’t quote me cuz I don’t know one trope from the other.

What I do know is that the imagery in this book is amazing. I felt like I was on the streets of Harlem in the midst of Black culture in the 60s. I’ve never seen a rooming house but I felt like I was there with Jason. I could see him walking down the streets of Harlem headed to the smoke filled lounge taking in the poetry. Y’all this book gave me life and I was here for it.

But for those of you that like romance, check out my IG and TikTok posts because I tagged people that you should follow for more Black romance recs cuz real talk I don’t really have ‘em over here.

You’re welcome

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