Black Cake

Black Cake Black Book of the Day

Whaddup bookish fam? Today I’ve got Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson. This debut was giving a little family saga drama.

So Mom Dukes passes away and leaves her children that ain’t really rocking with each other fr fr some of her famous black cake to share. But get this. Before they eat it, they have to listen to a recording where she spills all kinda tea on some family secrets. It’s a multi-POV going back and forth - from the present to past kinda of book. We go from the Caribbean to London to Cali to NYC. Like this book is giving you passport stamps. You hear me?  I finished this one yesterday and need to dissect some things cuz WHATTTT????

Anyway, scoop it up. Trust me you will love this.

You’re welcome.

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