B-Boy Blues

B-Boy Blues Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Time for another Black book rec. 

So unfortunately I’m still sick and I’m also watching way too much television right now. But I just found out that the first book of one of my favorite series of all time was made into a film and is streaming on BET+. So it’s only right that we talk about the book.

It’s B-Boy Blues by James Earl Hardy.

Last week I was scrolling on the grams of insta and saw that my boo Mona Scott-Young posted a video promoting B-Boy Blues as streaming. While I am always excited to see one of my EGL sisters add another win, I can’t tell you how much I loved this series and how happy I am to see it moved to the big screen.

The book is a MLM romance following two guys that could not be more opposite - clean cut, button down with some slacks Mitchell and baggy jeans with some Tims Raheim. The two meet at a gay bar in NYC and navigate the old opposites attract trope complete with baby mama drama and errthang.

This series normalizes love is love in a beautiful, blackety black black and authentic way. There are either six or seven books in the series and yes I have them all lol. I post this book every July as one of the prompts during @prettylittlebookshelf’s Black Resilience Bookstatour. If you read any E Lynn Harris books, you MUST read these. Trust me. 

You’re welcome.

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