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As the Wicked Watch Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Now today’s book is one I previously included as a selection in the DiversaTea Reads book box. It’s As The Wicked Watch by wait for it…Tamron Hall. And yes honey. I mean theeee Tamron Hall. Sis has a written a whole mystery for the people. So boom let’s get into it.

A young girl goes missing in the Chi and it doesn’t seem like the po-po is really handling the case right. But Jordan is an investigative reporter for a local news station. She realizes something ain’t quite right with the info the po-po is putting out. The math is just not mathing. And when she tries to point it out, chillleeee, the microaggressions she gets from the police and the people at work are…typical. Sis went back to school to study forensics so she knows what the hell she’s talking about.

SN: lemme pause for the 6F reviewers on Goodreads that gave this book a low rating because they found issue with this. They don’t know what it means to need to be twice as good just to be considered as equal. You know like we saw with Justice Brown-Jackson?

Anyway, she becomes part of the investigation and gets emotionally connected as she tries to find out what happened to not one Black teen but two. So basically, if you liked Monday’s Not Coming, you like this one. Same struggle. Different perspective.

You’re welcome.

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