Angel of Greenwood

Angel of Greenwood Black Book of the Day

What up book people? Time for another Black book rec. 

May 31st and Jun 1st marked 101 years since the Tulsa Massacre. I had planned to post a book that was a fictional account of the days before Black Wall Street was destroyed. Needless to say I’ve been sick and missed a few days so I’m a little late but here’s a book for you.

It’s Angel of Greenwood by Randi Pink.

Most of yall know that the backpacks on my bookshelves are from my company Blended Designs. In the conference room of the BD office, a large Black Wall Street print was the first thing my husband put on the wall to honor the entrepreneurs before us. So although this story was fictional, it feels personal.

So the story follows two teens in Tulsa. Isaiah is kind of a troublemaker but he is very intelligent and an avid reader. Angel is a loner that the kids call a goody two shoes. Isaiah doesn’t really rock with Angel but he can’t help but notice that she’s fine. So when the English teacher gives them a job working in a mobile library, Isaiah jumps at the chance to spend time with Angel. Their dynamic is interesting especially their #TeamBookerT vs #TeamWEB banter.

While the story is pretty much a romance, it brings humanity and normalcy to the people that were ultimately impacted by this horrific event. I loved everything about this book and I think you should scoop it up.

You’re welcome.

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