Ace of Spades

 Ace of Spades Black Book of the Day

What up book people? OK did yall miss me? I’ve been MIA for a few days because I’ve been a little under the weather but I’m back to helping you add more melanin to your bookshelves. For Pride Month, I’m going to have a lot of books that show the intersectionality of being both Black and queer.

So now for today’s book.

It’s Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé.

This is a YA Thriller that definitely had me turning the pages fast and yelling at the characters. So the book follows Devon and Chiamaka, seniors at Niveus- a ritzy private school.

Devon is a pianist that keeps his head down and is focused on going to Juilliard after graduation.

While Chiamaka is the resident it girl. She is incredibly popular and spends her time trying to create the perfect image.

Randomly everyone in school starts getting these text messages from someone named Ace that are secrets about Devon and Chiamaka. Ace is playing a game by divulging secrets about them that can destroy everything they worked for. They are the only Black students in the school and the only ones dealing with Ace.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one but as you know I love me a good thriller. We can kind of guess early on why this is happening - racism and homophobia. But the “who” and the “how” kept my interest because I was dying to know. If you read this one, lemme know your thoughts.

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You’re welcome.

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